Links & Resources


Links & Resources

A good overview on existing plugins. Many are in an early development stage. http://eclipse-plugins.2y.net
Eclipse-WikiWiki ( information compiled from the eclipse newsgroup ) http://eclipsewiki.swiki.net
mini howto for installing/running eclipse at Linux/BSD, by Bernard  linux mini - howto (but perhaps useful for win32 too)
Very good German tutorials, by Stefan Matthias Aust and his colleagues http://www.3plus4software.de/eclipse/index.html
Good overview and news regarding eclipse http://www.eclipse-workbench.com
there is a French website dedicated to eclipse and a translation of my easteregg list http://www.eclipsetotale.com
eclipse and J2EE, howto setup Tomcat and JBoss, by Hao Wu http://www.purposesolutions.com/Resources/EclipseJ2EE.html

There is a list at platform-ui available with the default keyboards shortcuts

keyboards shortcuts
howto for integrating Expresso with Eclipse, by Gabriel Krupa Expresso_Eclipse.pdf
eclipse and cvs at winnt, mini-mini-howto cvs mini-howto
applet launcher plugin, by Olivier Thomann picture1, picture2, org.eclipse.jdt.internal.appletlauncher
UI improvments, by Randy Hudson
Johan Compagner hacked the hack together
For 2.0 builds
ui patch readme
, uipatch.jar , swtpatch.jar (you need both jars)
For the 2.1 final build
randypatch2.1.zip (you just need to unzip in the plugin folder)
Logmonitor, get informed about errors, by Veronika Irvine  logmonitor readme,logmonitor_1.0.0.zip
(is already included in the PDE of the release builds)
EDoc, extract all javadocs from eclipse plugins, by Bob Foster edoc readme, edoc.zip
Memory Monitor v.1.0.2 (Swing based), by Valentino Kyriakides
and a 1.0.2 SWT based version
readme, org.kyrsoft.memmonitor_1.0.2_swing.zip
readme, de.kyrsoft.memmonitor_1.0.2_swt.zip
German website about the latest in eclipse universe http://www.eclipseproject.de